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It Came From Beneath The Sea Duck
AKA "Adventures in Babysitting"

Stuff That's In It

First of all, I just want to say that Becky's got a kick-ass apartment. Art deco, muted colours, nice view, lotsa space, its own waterfall, man! I see what Baloo meant when he said 'So *this* is where all our profits go!" Not very child-proof though, is it? You can practically walk off the edge of that balcony! And just why wouldn't she want Kit to go to the docks? They work there everyday for Pete's sake!

Anyways, lets get to Don Karnage. He wasn't in this one very long, but it was all good. We first see him commanding this neat new plane boldly dodging cannon fire. The plane looks like a derelect from a 'Mad Max' movie, but still, very cool. And Karnage! Ooh, so confident, so in charge! Not all hyper and giddy like he sometimes is. The animation of him was decent too. Certainly not P&L caliper, but flattering enough.

Yes, Yes.  Completely cool and ...eew! What is *that*??!

Hacksaw! Now that is one insane looking pirate, and not the funny kind of insane either! I don't know which is worse; when he just grunts manically like he does in this ep or when he has the Cockney accent like he did in "A Bad Reflection on You." Either way, I'm glad he only got about 5 seconds of air time in this one.

Karnage has another one of his super-brilliant ideas to have the pirate sub go into Cape Suzette while he keeps the canons busy. Natch, he sends Mad Dog and Dumptruck. The scary thing is, they are probably the most capable men he's got in his crew, besides perhaps Gibber. Remember Hal? Yeah, I know. 'Nuff said. Probably he should have sent more pirates though.  How much plundering can you really get done with two people?!

"Who said anything about landing?" Oh, I love this part. It's so deliciously evil! Just remember, they did the same thing to Karnie in that garbage heap of an episode "Baloo Switcheroo," and Karnie *does* have the tendency to hold a grudge. After this, Karnage doesn't appear again until the end. It's pretty bad when Don Karnage gets less show time than his minions. Still, better than if he never showed up at all!

In the end, we see Karnage in a very rare pose, sitting on the wreckage of his ship trying to ignore Dumptruck and Mad Dog's idiotic ramblings. He looks all tired and dejected, as if to say, "Why do I even bother??!" Heh, don't worry folks, he'll get over it.

Random Thoughts

Mad Dog and Dumptruck ARE pretty funny in this ep! I still groaned a lot, but I laughed too.

That was one dumb-looking monster. It reminded me of Elmer Fudd.

At one point it sounds as if Mad Dog says Kit's name, but he's really saying 'KIDS!' As if he doesn't remember who they are. Grrrr. I hate it when the characters act like P&L never happened.

Wildcat was on for about as long as Karnie. Still, he had a line about tartar sauce, so that makes up for it.

I bet DK sliced that squid thing apart after he destroyed Karnie's new Mad Max plane! Course, they'd never show it, but I think it's a safe assumption. ; )

Quote of the Day

I changed this because I realized there was a much better quote.

"Congratulations! You have NOT done a terrible job!"

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