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12/28/04 - After receiving a number of not-so-polite emails over the years demanding to know why I havenít updated this site in so long, Iíve decided to finally spell it out: This site is finished! Done! Kaput! As in, no more updates. I must be honest and declare that my interest in TS is defunct. It was something that kept me occupied in the late 90ís while I was in high school, and I will always look back fondly on my TS years as a time of creativity, community, and fun. But Iím in university now, and I simply have too much in RL going on to possibly get sucked back into it. I will keep the site up as a (hopefully) useful information source on TS. I am also taking off my email, as I no longer wish to be contacted about anything regarding Talespin, Don Karnage, or this website. I now bid ďDon Karnage; Mystery and IntrigueĒ a fond farewell.

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This page was created to honour the character Don Karnage.   I do not own the character.  He belongs to Disney.  I'm certainly not making any profit, so don't go suing me.  This page and most of the stuff on it (unless otherwise noted) was created by me.  Don't go stealing or changing any of it and slap your handle on it or anything, cuz that ain't right!